The History Of Yachting

The Original Yacht
Derived from the Dutch term “jagen”, meaning to hunt or chase, the word Yacht usually refers to a small, fast craft which is excellent for small voyages and short crossings. Originally this meant a fully rigged vessel that was smaller than a pinnace but large enough to be fully decked over.

Defined as such back in 1742, what classified as a Yacht had changed from the years preceding this and would change in the centuries following it. Today, as the capabilities of Yachts increase, everything from a luxury motorised cruise liner to a private family boat is labelled as one, with all the material prestige that comes with it. But however you define this type of vessel today, it has a rich history that should be known by every person who calls themselves a sailor.

The First Yachts
The Yacht was the vessel of choice for many explorers in the 17th Century. Spacious enough to house several men as well as several months’ worth of supplies, including fresh produce to avoid the dreaded scurvy, these Yachts were fast, nimble and seaworthy – perfect for exploring unchartered waters. The Duyfken, which dropped the first western visitors on Australian shores in 1606, was a small 60 ton Yacht and, similarly, the coast of New Zealand was first sighted from the deck of such a vessel 36 years later.
Besides being an ideal exploration vessel, early Yachts also played a pivotal role in many great wars and battles. The Dutch favoured the Yacht as armed tenders and the now famous Duyfken was a critical player in the infamous battle against a blockade of Portuguese ships which essentially ended the Iberian dominance of the spice trade in 1601. As warships grew bigger with improved technology, the Yacht settled into the role of courier during war time, relying on its speed to pass on vital information in a hurry.

The Beginnings of Yachting for Pleasure
Boating and yachting for pleasure is almost as old as boating itself. Egyptian Pharaohs recognised the splendour of water travel and were buried alongside elaborate barges to transport them through the afterlife in elegance and style. But it was in the late 1600’s, many thousands of years later that the joys of water recreation became more attainable and part of everyday life.

Yachting as a Dutch Invention
It was the great maritime country of the Netherlands that, centuries later, not only brought yachting to the world’s attention, but also built and essentially invented the first Yacht. The massive waterways in and around this Dutch country necessitated the use of quick waterborne transportation to move around both goods and people. As the country utilised these vessels to explore the world and trade across the oceans, so their wealth grew. This new found affluence was naturally expressed in finally being able to enjoy this wondrous natural asset of water that had served the people so well.
The pleasure-Yachts that resulted were fiercely patriotic and many even featured cannons to celebrate their country’s military prowess. Waterborne activities such as competitive races, parades and mock-battles became a staple in Dutch culture, cementing the Yacht’s place in leisure activities for the future.

The Yacht Invades Europe
The delights of yachting for pleasure spread across the channel to England, ironically thanks to the British Civil War in 1642. Sent to an island refuge to protect the royal lineage, Charles II began sailing to keep himself amused and soon fell in love with this pastime. A spell in the Netherlands during his exile only deepened his passion for yachting and when he was finally instated as King in 1660, he began an enduring royal patronage of sailing as a recreational sport that would reach into modern times.
When the 17th Century Tsar Peter the Great discovered the wreck of a Yacht gifted to Ivan the Terrible over a century before, his own interest in the pastime was piqued. With Russia’s interest from the East and Britain and the Netherlands’ love for pastime yachting slowly spreading into Europe from the West, it was not long before yachting for pleasure was a staple in the European recreational calendar.

Yachting Today
Sailing around the Mediterranean on a private Yacht with the sun setting behind you and the turquoise sea glistening below is an undeniable fantasy of many people. Owning a holiday or vacation home in one particular place is becoming unfashionable. This fixed location becomes dull after a while and is also restrictive should the climate, political situation or currency of a country falter. A much more popular alternative is to invest in a Yacht. This floating holiday home is mobile and can house entire families, allowing vacationers to see the world with their loved ones in five star luxury.

Yachts today are a far cry from the basic sturdy vessels used to transport explorers around the ancient world. Equipped with every modern convenience, businessmen can check their email, make conference calls and organise a merger, all before breakfast and a morning swim in the ocean. Motorisation, differing sizes, increased safety, equipment and technology have all contributed to making yachting a viable and appealing alternative for vacationers.

The Rise of Yacht Charters
As an alternative to owning a Yacht, aspiring sailors can hire a Yacht from a Yacht Brokerage Company. These reputable companies, such as Yachting Partners International will take care of all the finer details, allowing vacationers to simply relax on the seas as their Dutch ancestors intended. Comprehensive itineraries can be planned according to each individual’s interest and all administration, catering and service related issues will be maintained by that company. A far cry from the strenuous yachting of the past, this recreational activity has endured over the centuries to have evolved into a luxury activity.

Mysteries Of Halloween Revealed!

Fall is a beautiful time of year! Autumn has traditionally been a time to celebrate transitions and the bounty of the harvest. This is a time of year where we can happily reflect on the fun we had during the summer and move on to enjoying a career or returning to school. Mother Nature signals the change for us in the color of the leaves. Fall is a great time to get into the wild and enjoy a rich, colorful palate that any painter would love to be able to use.

As the weather gets colder, people are more inclined to return to more dormant activities. To help us have something more than a queue of television to look forward to, we have placed the most highly celebrated holidays throughout the fall and winter. People look to Halloween as the holiday that starts the entire festive season. You might be surprised by knowing where this holiday came from.

Halloween used to be a holiday to celebrate the heritage of our ancestors and connect with them in various ways. This “Day of the Dead,” though, seemed a bit too morbid for the tastes of modern society and has since become Halloween. What used to be a holiday that mostly gave recognition to mortality has now become an opportunity for people to access their darker, or hidden, sides. Horror movies have become a Halloween tradition for many people. Some psychologists speculate that the reason people enjoy horror movies so thoroughly is that it allows people to encounter their latent, primal fear response in a safe and controlled environment. This allows us to release some of our deeply buried instincts.

Today, Halloween provides us an opportunity to creatively express ourselves with costumes. Costumes can be funny, truly frightening, or sometimes just good looking. Wearing costumes to a party gives people the opportunity to play a role or act in an entirely different way. Usually, suddenly changing the way you act could worry some people, but a costume party is an environment that encourages this sort of hijinks. Method actors are drawn to their profession by discovering how fun and liberating it can be to step outside of oneself. When people engage in an activity that encourages them to act in different ways, a typically dormant part of the brain starts to light up with activity. By exercising different parts of our brain, we are more able to find effective and creative solutions in problem solving on any level.

Jack-o’-lanterns have recently become the icon of Halloween. Pumpkin carving is a great way to spend time with your loved ones and to express your creativity. Pumpkins were traditionally used as impromptu guardians from evil spirits, similar to gargoyles on cathedrals. Fortunately, we do not live in fear of ghosts and phantoms—that is, unless you want to.
A pumpkin patch in Kansas City, MO, or nearby, should be your first stop to get into the spirit of this holiday. Pumpkin patches often provide much more than just pumpkins. Corn mazes have jumped in popularity recently and can be a great activity for a date, a family, or a group of friends. Corn mazes can sometimes have costumed actors who have the job of making sure you are terrified. If horror movies aren’t scary enough for you, a “haunted” corn maze might be just what you are looking for.

Halloween has something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for an excellent way to stir up some of your creative juices, you should stop by a pumpkin patch in Kansas City, MO, or your local area. Have a fun and safe holiday!

Designing The Ideal Guest Room

When hosting family or friends, it is a perk and bonus if one has an inviting and beautiful room to offer them during their stay. It’s nice when friends and family don’t need to reserve a room at a local hotel or bed-and-breakfast, because they can find what they need at their loved one’s home. A few simple tricks can help you create an oasis for your guests.

Pick a Theme

One of the best ways to enhance your home’s guest room is by decorating according to a theme. Tropical, exotic, or foreign themes can be especially fun for a room designed to host guests. Companies like Chinese Arts Inc. provide beautiful, affordable, and interesting furniture and design pieces to decorate your room according to theme. Taking a trip to the local party and wedding supply store can also provide inspiration and affordable items for a thematic guest room.

Create Privacy

A reason many loved ones would choose to stay at a hotel instead of at your home would be the increased privacy provided by a hotel room. Including a lock on the guest room door and a private bathroom, or at least private access to a shared bathroom, can go a long way in helping your guests feel comfortable in your home. Even creating a custom “do not disturb” sign, can help give your guests peace of mind, and give them the privacy they desire.

Include Some Extras

To help your guests feel special and welcome at your home, it can be fun to provide a few special surprises or extras for your guests. Warm robes, chocolates on the pillows, and easy access to wireless Internet names and passwords can help your guests feel like they are truly on vacation at your home.

Creating a perfect guest room isn’t easy. It takes a little time, effort, and preparation but when done right, it will make your family and friends feel welcome and warm at your home. Start searching for ideas for your new guest room by looking at furniture and decor offered by companies such as Chinese Arts Inc.

How To Create A Perfect Beachside Wedding

Beach weddings are some of the most dreamt-about weddings. If you don’t want to set your memorable day in a traditional church, but also don’t want to run off to Vegas and not include your family members, finding a setting that is both romantic and more casual is ideal. Beaches provide amazing horizon vistas, the gorgeous sound of waves crashing on the beach, palm trees waving in the breeze, and a plethora of relaxing activities for wedding guests. Planning a wedding can be hectic and if you’re doing a destination wedding and don’t normally frequent the beach, you’ll want to examine factors you might not have considered. This article will help you plan numerous aspects of your beach wedding, including how to set up your canopy and book Destin condos on the beach for your wedding guests.

Find the Right Seating

Sandy beaches are great to walk on and use to lay out in the sun. They provide a soft, uneven surface that is great for almost everything. However, when you want to have chairs and other furniture firmly in place, sand can be a tricky customer. Getting chairs that are sturdy and can be placed in sand with no damage done is imperative for a beach wedding. Metal chairs that are painted to look attractive for wedding photos are a great choice for seating. Sand can be damp, so nice wooden chairs can become damaged if they sink into the sand. Painted metal or attractive plastic furniture is simpler to set up and keep in good condition for the duration of your walk down the aisle.

Get a Canopy to Frame the Event

When you’re saying your vows and getting legally married by a state-licensed official, most people want something that can frame the space. Even though some people do without them, canopies are very common at beach weddings. Canopies can be difficult to install in sand, like chairs, as a result of the slightly uneven footing. Canopies made especially for the beach might have weights on either side of the supports in order to keep it from wobbling or blowing in the wind. The beach can be windy in the evenings, so make sure if you get your own canopy that you weigh down the sides.

Find an Experienced Beach-Wedding Photographer

You will want to capture one of the best days of your life on film forever. Finding a photographer should be high on your to-do list for this reason. Shooting on the beach can be difficult for photographers, as sand can blow into their lens and ruin expensive equipment. Photographers that specialize in beach-side weddings will be used to sand, wind, and moisture. They will be in a better position to get you quality photos and can deal with the conditions that make the beach as great as it is.

Find the Perfect Location for Wedding Guests to Stay

For destination weddings, you will want to book group accommodations. Finding a central location, like Destin condos on the beach, will provide a setting for your friends and family to mingle and do beach activities together. Setting up the accommodation should be done well in advance, so that you can be sure to have enough space for all the people who come to celebrate your big day. Beach weddings provide the opportunity to swim and relax on the beach, so make sure that you find vacation rooms that will be right on the beach. Getting accommodations that are too far will inconvenience those that don’t rent a vehicle and can make it more tricky for people to spend time together before and after the ceremony.